Stretch Film Transparent / Black

Stretch Film 1.8KG (200g core)
Packing: 6 rolls /ctn

Transparent stretch film, a versatile packaging material, offers a flexible and efficient solution for securing and protecting goods during storage, transit, and display. Composed of high-quality polyethylene, this film boasts exceptional elasticity and strength, allowing it to conform snugly to various shapes and sizes while providing reliable containment and stability. Its transparent nature enables visibility of wrapped items, facilitating easy identification and inventory management. Whether bundling palletized cargo in warehouses, securing boxes for shipping, or preserving freshness in food packaging, transparent stretch film serves as a dependable barrier against moisture, dust, and tampering. With its durable construction and effortless application, transparent stretch film simplifies packaging processes while ensuring the integrity and safety of packaged goods, making it an indispensable tool in the logistics and manufacturing industries.

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