Food Wrapper

Packing: 70pcs /pkt, 10pkts /bdl

Available sizes:
* 15'' x 17''  (Size A)
* 14'' x 16''  (Size B)
* 11'' x 15''  (Size C)
* 11'' x 12''  (Size D)

Hawker food wrappers, the quintessential vessels of culinary delight in bustling open-air markets and street-side stalls, encapsulate the essence of convenience and tradition. Crafted from a medley of materials ranging from banana leaves to waxed paper, these wrappers are ingeniously designed to envelop an array of delectable delights, from savory noodles to fragrant rice dishes. Their versatile construction not only ensures that food remains warm and flavorful but also facilitates easy handling for both vendors and patrons. With each wrapper, there's a story to be told—a testament to the rich tapestry of culinary heritage and cultural diversity. Whether indulging in a savory satay skewer or a sweet and sticky dessert, hawker food wrappers serve as humble vessels that unite communities through shared culinary experiences, celebrating the vibrant tapestry of flavors that define street food culture around the world.

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