Nylon Bags / Vacuum Bags

#Vacuum preservation

#Extended Shelf Life

#Suitable for refrigerated and frozen fresh ( low temperature resistant)


Available sizes

5'' x 8''

6'' x 9''

7'' x 10''

8'' x 12''

9'' x 14''


10'' x 16''



Packing :- 

    200pcs per pkt 


Nylon bags, renowned for their durability and versatility, have become indispensable in various aspects of modern life. Whether utilized for vacuum sealing food to prolong freshness and prevent freezer burn, or as sturdy travel companions safeguarding belongings from moisture and damage, these bags epitomize practicality. Their robust construction ensures resilience against tears and punctures, making them ideal for storing a wide array of items, from delicate fabrics to bulky essentials. Furthermore, their transparent nature allows for easy identification of contents, streamlining organization and retrieval processes. With Nylon bags, convenience and protection converge, offering a reliable solution for preserving and transporting goods with ease and efficiency.

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